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Trees, Shrubs, & Vines

desert willow

Desert Willow

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Shrubs, Trees, and Vines

Western Redbud

Ahhh... The woody segment of our plant family. Trees and shrubs add strengh and silhouette to a garden, the "backbone", as it were. Though we do not currently grow many members of this crucial faction, there are some that we would not be without; for their beauty, for their structure, and for what looks to us to be their loving, ever patient embrace of the garden.

Trees and shrubs, including shrublets, are listed here.
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La vie en Rose Flowering MapleAbutilon hybridum 'La vie en Rose'
Dwarf Flowering Maple
sweet bay laurelLaurus nobilis
Sweet Bay Laurel
big leaf mapleAcer macrophyllum
Big Leaf Maple
Chaparral HoneysuckleLonicera interrupta
Chaparral Honeysuckle


California BuckeyeAesculus californica
California Buckeye
Lewis' Mock OrangePhiladelphus lewisii
Lewis' Mock Orange
emerald carpet manzanitaArctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet'
Emerald Carpet Manzanita
Littleleaf Mock OrangePhiladelphus microphyllus
Littleleaf Mockorange
Howard McMinn ManzanitaArctostaphylos densiflora 'Howard McMinn'
Howard McMinn Manzanita
Midnight ninebarkPhysocarpus opulifolius 'Midnight'
Midnight Ninebark
Pacific Mist ManzanitaArctostaphylos x 'Pacific Mist'
Pacific Mist Manzanita
Wonderful PomegranatePomegranate, 'Wonderful
Punica granatum 'Wonderful'
pigeon pointcoyote bushBaccharis pilularis 'Pigeon Point'
Pigeon Point Coyote Bush
Golden CurrantRibes aureum
Golden Currant
William Penn BarberryBerberis x gladwynensis 'William Penn'
William Penn Evergreen Barberry

Sierra CurrantRibes Nevadense
Sierra Currant
western spice bushCalycanthus occidentalis
Western Spice Bush

Pink Flowering CurrantRibes sanguineum glutinosum
Pink Flowering Currant
Bush AnemoneCarpenteria californica
Bush Anemone
Landy Banks RoseRosa banksiae 'Lutea'
Lady Banks Climbing Rose
Autumn Blue SpireaCaryopteris incana
Autumn Blue Spirea
highveld sun roseRosa 'Highveld Sun'
Highveld Sun Groundcover Rose
bluebeardCaryopteris x clandonensis
InteriorWild RoseRosa woodsii
Interior Wild Rose
Anchor Bay California lilacCeanothus gloriosus 'Anchor Bay'
Anchor Bay California Lilac
benenden blue rosemaryRosmarinus officinalis 'Benenden Blue'
Benenden Blue Upright Rosemary
Joyce Coulter California LilacCeanothus 'Joyce Coulter'
Joyce Coulter California Lilac
trailing rosemaryRosmarinus officinalis 'Prostratus'
Trailing Rosemary

western redbudCercis occidentalis
Western Redbud
creeping brambleRubus pentalobus
Creeping Bramble


Pink form flowering quinceChaenomeles speciosa
Flowering Quince-pink form
Bee's Bliss SageSalvia 'Bee's Bliss
Bee's Bliss Creeping Sage
desert willowChilopsis linearis
Desert Willow
Salvia chamaedryoides
Germander Sage
Jessamy Beauty RockroseCistus 'Jessamy Beauty'
Jessamy Beauty Rockrose
cleveland sageSalvia clevelandii
Cleveland Sage
Sageleaf rockroseCistus salvifolius prostratus
Sageleaf Rockrose
Pink Autumn Sage Salvia greggii pink form
Pink Autumn Sage
Sunset RockroseCistus pulverulentus 'Sunset'
Sunset Rockrose
hotlips sageSalvia x jamensis 'Hot Lips'
Hot Lips Sage
pipestemsClematis lasiantha
sierra de san antonio sageSalvia x jamensis 'Sierra de San Antonio'
Sierra de San Antonio Sage
Pacific DogwoodCornus nuttallii
Pacific Dogwood
Blue ElderberrySambucus mexicana
Western Blue Elderberry
red twig dogwoodCornus sericea
Western Redtwig Dogwood
Lemon Fizz Lavender CottonSantolina rosmarinifolia 'Lemon Fizz'
Lemon Fizz Lavender Cotton
Tree Cholla BlossomCylindropuntia imbricata
Tree Cholla
Giant SequoiaSequoiadendron giganteum
Giant Sequoia
Fremontodendron californicum x mexicanum‘California Glory’
California Glory Flannel Bush
Spiraea (densiflora) splendens
Mountain Spirea
figFicus carica
Green Fruiting Fig
silver bush germanderTeucrium fruticans
Bush Germander
henfield brilliant sunroseHelianthemum nummularium 'Henfield Brilliant'
Henfield Brilliant Sunrose
chaste treeVitex agnus-castus
Chaste Tree
ToyonHeteromeles arbutifolia
California wild grapeVitis californica red form
California Wild Grape
primrose jasmineJasminum mesnyi
Primrose Jasmine
Concord GrapeVitis labruska 'Concord'
Concord Grape